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Vancouver (778) 580-7471 

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Back 2 Business Canada Project

Post Covid Pandemic

Back 2 Business Canada Project

May 2020

James Cousineau

ProPics Canada Media Ltd

2225 184 Street

Surrey, BC V3Z 9V2

Vancouver (778) 580-7471

Whistler (604) 905-8395


The Back 2 Business Canada Project is a 60 day traveling documentary featuring Canadian businesses, people, attractions and cultural organizations showcasing how Canadians are finding innovative ways to return to a new normal after the Covid-19 shutdown. Daily videos will be posted to the Back 2 Business Project website and on social media worldwide. There will be no fees or charges to businesses, organizations etc to submit for consideration or if selected, to be featured.


Showcase innovative solutions which Canadians are implementing in their daily lives and or businesses to return to a new normal after the Covid-19 shutdown

Promote and share Canadian businesses, artists, organizations, cultural organizations, attractions, communities etc to fellow Canadians and the world to increase awareness and interest in Canadian culture, history, businesses, people and solutions in the face of challenge.

Inspire fellow Canadians to return to work, reopen businesses and support fellow Canadians in new and challenging times in reopening the Canadian economy.

Share Canadian solutions to reopening challenges in all industries and aspects of Canadian Life which can be utilized by other Canadians and others around the world.

Encourage Canadians to visit destinations within their province and country in any upcoming vacation and travel plans. When the international travel markets open, to further encourage inbound tourism from departure points around the globe.


Each video segment will be produced with a single 4K camera in a documentary style. Each segment will open with an introduction to the community in which the business is located, the historic and forward goals of the community in addition to any major points of interest. The segments will share the true stories of how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the business, organization, people etc who are subject of the segment. The segments will also highlight how the subjects of the segments are overcoming the challenges of reopening the economy locally, provincially and nationally.

Funding / Financial Requirements

The overall funding requirement of the project is an average cost of $750.00 per day x 60 days for a total funding requirement of $45,000.00 inclusive of all travel expenses, production costs, distribution costs and incidental expenses. The funding is being sought through public / government / private grants, corporate sponsorship's / partnerships (in consideration of corporate mention in the segments, logo placements on the official project SUV which will travel throughout Canada and logo placement on all marketing materials).

For a full financial breakdown, please contact ProPics Canada Media Ltd.



Reach a minimum funding goal of 75% prior to June 30, 2020 with the balance being made up during the duration of the project through various funding sources and commitments.


Pre-production has already begun in creating production, format, segment storyboards, research and information gathering on potential locations throughout all Canadian Provinces and Territories. Research of businesses, arts and cultural organizations / individuals, communities, etc along with innovative solutions to the post Covid-19 closures.

Site Launch

As the website, is already secured and the server is online. The site is ready for launch on the first day of travel and production. The site will be updated. Segments will be produced daily and posted online the following day via the website and all major social media sites worldwide.

Travel and Production

The project is scheduled to begin travel and Production on June 30, 2020 with the ability to begin as early as June 15, 2020. The goal is to get the project started as soon as possible and logistically feasible as the goal is to share solutions with Canadians and others around the world.

Post Production Wrap

Once the project has reached completion, there will be all final accounting and expense related reports generated, any active accounts reconciled and tracking details of the main website, social media and other stats for a breakdown and impact report of the project. Final reports and summaries will be submitted to all project sponsors, funding partners e